Hi! I'm Akhmedkhan (Ahan) Shabanov

I am a PhD student at the GrUVi lab of SFU advised by Andrea Tagliasacchi in a beautiful Vancouver. I work on 3D computer vision.

Previously, I was a research engineer (founding team member) at Avaturn (ex. In3D) working with Dmitry Ulyanov on 3D human body and face reconstruction from in-the-wild images. Even before that, I received my BSc and MSc degrees from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in applied mathematics and physics.


  • Jan 2023: after getting visa, I’m starting my PhD in-person!
  • Summer 2022: I’ll be visiting summer school (ICVSS) in Sicily, Italy.
  • November 2020: We’ll be presenting our work on HQ2LQ at 3DV 2020 (unfortunately, remotely).